Feature in Xinhua's 'Orient Outlook Weekly' 新华社瞭望东方周刊

As the organizer for Liverpool's Little Apple Flashmob, I was featured by Xinhua's Orient Outlook Weekly. 作为利物浦小苹果快闪的策划组织者,我接受了新华社的瞭望东方周刊的采访。

BBC 3 Bollywood Carmen

Bollywood Carmen Live is on BBC3 again 2am next Tuesday 24th March and available on BBC iPlayer in April. Don't miss it. Fenfen is one of the professional dancers. Check the trailer.

BBC Radio Merseyside Interview

I had an interview with Sean Style from BBC Radio Merseyside​ about China Pearl flashmob I orgnized on Saturday 7th March in Liverpool City Centre starting 02:00:45

2 Weeks to Go--Traditional Han Chinese Cultural Show

Only two weeks to go for Traditional Han Chinese Cultural Show I produce and direct on Saturday 28th March at Unity Theatre Liverpoo. A cultural feast you cannot miss. Check trailer here:  

For more information and tickets click here:


Featuring in Channel 5 Gadget Show

I am featuring in Channel 5's Gadget Show starting 22'30":

Xin Hua News

I feature in Xin Hua Net News, the largest Chinese news agency:

Liverpool Echo

I feature in Liverpool local newspaper Echo for a flashmob project I lead:

Feature in Liverpool Echo

I feature in Liverpool Echo with China Pearl. Join us this Saturday 7th March in Liverpool City Centre as part of our Lantern Festival celebration. More details check here

The Year of the Goat Performances and Workshops

Fenfen is delivering various performances and workshops for the Year of the Goat celebrations including:

  • Workshops in nearly 20 schools in North West
  • Tea Ceremony demonstration/workshop 12.30pm on Saturday 14th February at Liverpool Central Library 
  • Dance performance and talk for Afro & Carribean Luncheon Club on 19th February
  • Tea Ceremony demonstration/workshop Saturday afternoon 21st February at Museum of Liverpool (Time TBC)
  • Chinese dance workshops on 20th February at Sedgemore Nursing Home
  • Chinese storytelling and dance performance on 1.30pm & 2.20pm on 22nd February at Manchester Art Gallery
  • Storytelling at 'A Day of Two Dragons' on Saturday 28th February at Cymru, Llandudno
  • Perform a group Chinese dance with China Pearl at 7pm & 7.40pm on Friday 6th March at Mountford Hall, Guild of Liverpool University
  • Perform a group Chinese dance with China Pearl 12-2pm on Saturday 7th March at China Pearl's Lantern Festival Celebration at Clayton Square, Liverpool City Centre
  • Direct Traditional Han Chinese Cultural Show on 28th March at Unity Theatre Liverpool, where Fenfen is the choreographer and perform Chinese dances and tea ceremony