Leading Actress in MV

Fenfen played a leading part with the singer Shaun Gibson in this 2015 MV 'If I Stay'.

Choreographing Selfridges Film

Fenfen choreographed for "Bombay Electrics" film for Selfridges 2015.

Sofaworks TV Commercial 2015

Compilation of Sofaworks TV advert 2015 Fenfen featured in:

Women of the Future 10 Years Celebration

Fenfen was invited to Women of the Future award 10 years celebration as one of the nominees for 2014 at CNBC, London on Tuesday 14th July 2015. 

TV Presenting Course @ Pinewood Studio

Fenfen just completed the TV Presenting course at Pinewood Studio on Monday 29th June. 

Sofawork TV Commercial

Fenfen is currently filming Sofawork TV commercial. Check out this space.

Asian Women of the Future 2015 Award Event

The high-profile Asian Women of the Future 2015 Award event was held this Tuesday 12th May at Hilton Hotel on Park Lane in London. Fenfen was shortlisted for Media category. Congratulations to all winners and shortlists. 


Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony short film produced, directed and performed by Fenfen:

Highlights of Chinese Show Fenfen Produced and Directed

Highlights of Traditional Han Chinese Cultural Show on 28th March 2015 at Liverpool Unity Theatre Fenfen produced and directed.

Shortlist for 2015 Asian Women of Future Award

Fenfen is very honoured to be shortlisted for 2015 Asian Women of Future Award. Good luck to all the nominees.