"Operation Red Sea" Hong Kong Premier

Fenfen attended 'Operation Red Sea' Hong Kong premier on 27th February 2018 as a main cast in the film. 

With Director Dante Lam
With Zhang Yi
With Du Jiang
With Huang Jing Yu
With Jiang Lu Xia
With Wang Yu Tian
With Yin Fang
With Henry Mai
With Bo Na Films Company CEO Yu Dong
With Executive Producer Candy Leung

Happy Chinese New Year! 春节快乐!

Chinese New Year greetings in both English and Chinese from Fenfen Huang.


Featuring in Behind-the-Scenes Special Edition 'War Roses' for 'Operation Red Sea'

Fenfen features in the behind-the-scenes special edition 'War Roses' paying tribute to females workings on the film 'Operation Red Sea': 

'Operation Red Sea' to Be Released Worldwide During 2018 Chinese New Year

The Chinese action film 'Operation Red Sea' directed by Dante Lam, in which Fenfen played Deng Mei, will be released during 2018 Chinese New Year worldwide including:

  • Mainland China: 16th February 2018
  • Singapore: 18th February 2018
  • Australia and Malaysia: 22nd February 2018
  • U.K, U.S.A and Canada: 23rd February 2018
  • H.K: 1st March 2018

Operation Red Sea is one of the most anticipated 2018 Chinese New Year films and has received overwhelming postive feedback from people from the industry and pre-screening audience.

Check the trailer here:

2017 Samsung Mobile TV Commercial

Fenfen features in 2017 Samsung mobile TV commercial:

Presenter for British Standards Institute (BSI) Online Video

Fenfen did a presenting job for a British Standards Institute (BSI) online video. 

Polident TV Commercial

Fenfen filmed Polident TV Commercial (global campaign) in Warsaw, Poland in June. 

Corporate Acting for Daimler Financial Services in Stuttgart

Fenfen did a corporate acting job for Daimler Financial Services in Stuttgart, Germany in June.

BBC Radio Drama 'Quake'

 Fenfen is playing Ayesha is BBC Radio Drama 'Quake', the first VR 3D radio drama 

Movie 'Operation Red Sea'

Fenfen is one of the main cast in a much anticipated Chinese feature film in 2017 'Operation Red Sea' directed by a well-known HK action director Dante Lam. She has finished 2-month filming in Morocco and will film in China in July. The film will be release in the fourth quater of 2017. Read the exclusive report from Vanity and the trailer here