Fenfen was born in the city of Linhai, Zhejiang province, East China. She came to the UK in 2001 and obtained BA (Hons) in Environment & Planning from Liverpool University and a MA in Marketing at Liverpool John Moores UniversityWith her childhood dream of being a dancer and passion about performing and promoting Chinese culture, she determinedly embarked on a journey of dance and acting training and career development in performing arts after her degree studies. 

Fenfen is an accomplished performer (actress, dancer, presenter, model) and cultural educator. She has enjoyed many performing and teaching assignments with nationally and internationally acclaimed companies including Lionsgate, BBC, Channel 4, LFC TV, Sky Movies, Philips, Lenovo, Travelodge, Shanghai Expo and Liverpool City Council.

Fenfen is also Artistic Director of China Pearl, a non-profit arts & culture company based in Liverpool aiming to advance education of Chinese arts and culture to a British audience and cultural exchange between East and West. She has managed many successful Chinese cultural projects. She was nominated for 2015 Asian Women of Achievements and 2014 Women of the Future as well as Runner up for 2013 Merseyside Women of the Year.